Celebrating Good and Doing Good with Branden Harvey

It only takes a few scrolls on social media to discover bad news – the headlines that cause you to either give in to a cynical mindset or to completely barricade yourself from the outside world. Branden Harvey believes there is a third way – one that "leads to genuine hope — not faux care or blind optimism." In this episode, Branden shares how he took his skills and passions and used them to create a company of purpose, how to practice habits that inspire good and action, and the challenges Branden overcame while bootstrapping a company designed for social purpose.
Branden Harvey celebrates the good in the world. As the founder of Good Good Good — he hosts the podcast Sounds Good, he's the managing editor of the Goodnewspaper, a printed newspaper full of good news, and has built an online community over more than 500,000 world changers. He's been written about in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Men's Health, and Forbes.

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Sean Pritzkau
Sean Pritzkau
Sean Pritzkau is the host of We Can Do This, a podcast that connects people looking to create meaningful change with the tools, skills, and community they need to stay the course and make an impact. For those looking to start or grow their own social-impact businesses or initiative, the podcast offers stories, lessons, and practical advice from social entrepreneurs as well as experts on topics such as marketing, branding, and more. As a marketing strategist and speaker, Sean is focused on helping passionate teams overcome obstacles and do more work that matters. When not podcasting or keeping up with the latest no-code tools, you'll find Sean sampling specialty coffees, working on home renovation projects, or exploring around Rochester, NY with his wife and two dogs.
Celebrating Good and Doing Good with Branden Harvey
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