Co-creating Solutions for Change with Joseph Kwesiga and Shola Olabode-Dada

When approaching a problem, it's tempting to quickly approve the first or most obvious solution that comes to mind. But what if we implemented an approach to problem-solving that considered all of possible opportunities and evaluated them with data in mind? On this weeks episode, we talk with Joseph Kwesiga and Shola Olabode-Dada from YLabs – a diverse team of physicians, designers, economists, developers, public health professionals, educators who are focused on implementing youth driven solutions to some of the largest problems that are facing young people's health and economic opportunity all around the world. Joe and Shola talk about how they use human centered design—an empathetic approach to problem solving—to design and implement programs in partnership with youth that come as close as possible to the outcomes they are looking to achieve.
Joseph is a UX designer from Uganda with a passion for all things creative. He has experience in UI design, UX design, content strategy, product management, online media coordination and digital marketing/analytics. Joseph attended the School of Visual Arts and holds a master’s degree in Design for Social Innovation. When he’s not designing the perfect user experience, you can find him producing music, sampling fine cheese, or trying to pronounce the word "synthesis.”

Shola Olabode-Dada is a behavioral scientist that promotes healthy behavior change among youth by conducting research, synthesizing information, and fostering relationships with key stakeholders. As would a detective, she collects the evidence and explores all possibilities to decipher the mystery of how young people make decisions about their health. Shola is passionate about this type of work because she wants to participate in dramatically improving the health and economic success of young people who lack access to the resources to live a fulfilling life. Her specialties include applied research methodologies, program evaluation, the application of behavior change design to digital health products, and stakeholder engagement. Shola holds a M.S. and Ph.D. in community psychology from North Carolina State University.

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Co-creating Solutions for Change with Joseph Kwesiga and Shola Olabode-Dada
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