Establishing a Daily Creative Habit with Mike Brennan

Building is hard. Goals are hard. Developing your skillset is hard. But what if you challenged yourself to do something relevant to your goals, even something small, every single day? That's what our guest this week set out to do. He challenged himself to create and publish art daily – and that decision led him down a journey of publishing every day for over 10 years. Mike talks about his daily creative habit, how creating daily was supportive for his mental health, and how anyone can implement habits that move them forward in their personal and professional lives and ultimately towards greater impact and fulfillment.
Mike Brennan is a Creator & Communicator, telling stories on pages & stages. His childhood dream was to be a cartoon. (Zoinks!) When he realized that wasn’t possible he became the next best thing – an Artist. He loves sharing experiences and making connections through his art, and helping fellow frustrated artists and creatives establish a daily creative habit of their own. 

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Sean Pritzkau
Sean Pritzkau
Sean Pritzkau is the host of We Can Do This, a podcast that connects people looking to create meaningful change with the tools, skills, and community they need to stay the course and make an impact. For those looking to start or grow their own social-impact businesses or initiative, the podcast offers stories, lessons, and practical advice from social entrepreneurs as well as experts on topics such as marketing, branding, and more. As a marketing strategist and speaker, Sean is focused on helping passionate teams overcome obstacles and do more work that matters. When not podcasting or keeping up with the latest no-code tools, you'll find Sean sampling specialty coffees, working on home renovation projects, or exploring around Rochester, NY with his wife and two dogs.
Establishing a Daily Creative Habit with Mike Brennan
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