Business as a Force for Good with Cory Ames

This week we're sharing a conversation between our guest Cory Ames and host Sean Pritzkau, where they discuss: •  their professional background and where they honed their skillset • the driving motivation that fuels their work • pivotal moments and experiences that led them to start purpose-driven initiatives Cory shares about his journey from becoming the CEO of a marketing agency at age 22 to growing his own media company that has since published over 200+ podcast episodes on topics ranging from social entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainability.

Cory is the Co-Founder & CEO of Grow Ensemble, an impact marketing and media company on a mission to make sustainable business and more sustainable living the norm. He is also the host of The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast, where he interviews leaders in the space of better business and social impact.

Prior to leading Grow Ensemble, Cory was the CEO of a digital marketing agency, a position he earned at the age of 22. After leaving that experience, Cory began consulting on all things digital marketing & SEO exploring how he could more directly use his skills for doing good. It was then Cory dove into the world of social entrepreneurship and using business as a force for good. Soon after, Cory founded Grow Ensemble as a vehicle to raise awareness of and inspire action around some of the world’s biggest problems and problem solvers. They blog, podcast, and publish videos on all things leaving the world a better, more just, equitable, and habitable place for all.

To keep up with Cory and Grow Ensemble, visit, or and sign-up for their Better World Weekly Newsletter—their weekly discussion of building a better world with their community of change-makers and innovators for all sectors all over the world.

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Sean Pritzkau
Sean Pritzkau
Sean Pritzkau is the host of We Can Do This, a podcast that connects people looking to create meaningful change with the tools, skills, and community they need to stay the course and make an impact. For those looking to start or grow their own social-impact businesses or initiative, the podcast offers stories, lessons, and practical advice from social entrepreneurs as well as experts on topics such as marketing, branding, and more. As a marketing strategist and speaker, Sean is focused on helping passionate teams overcome obstacles and do more work that matters. When not podcasting or keeping up with the latest no-code tools, you'll find Sean sampling specialty coffees, working on home renovation projects, or exploring around Rochester, NY with his wife and two dogs.
Business as a Force for Good with Cory Ames
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