Scaling Nonprofit Operations with No-Code with Madeline Mazzocchi

It is important to remember that our unhoused neighbors are people to be loved, not problems to be solved. In this week's episode, we talk with Madeline Mazzocchi who serves as the Director of Operations for a nonprofit organization called Miracle Messages. Miracle Messages is a nonprofit that utilizes technology to help volunteers reconnect the unhoused with loved ones. Madeline talks about how Miracle Messages got started, the stack of tools they use to power their operations, and how a non-technical person can use these tools to create impact.
​​Madeline retired in Spring of 2019 as Director of Information Technology to spend her time volunteering with the homeless and food insecure population in Upstate NY. Madeline spends her time providing friendship, food and employment assistance. When she heard about Miracle Messages she decided it was a perfect blend of her former career and her passions and added this to her volunteering. She came out of retirement in the Spring of 2020 to accept the full time role as Director of Operations for Miracle Messages.

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Scaling Nonprofit Operations with No-Code with Madeline Mazzocchi
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